A close friend of ours posted to Social Media that she was having dinner at Bandera’s Restaurant in Chicago. While I must admit that I have yet to master the social media domain, I mustered enough courage to respond. I am not sure if the response was to a public domain or private in-message, but I did respond.

I shared with my sister-friend that Bandera’s holds a special place in my heart. My husband asked me to marry him, on bended knee and all, @ Bandera’s on Chicago’s beautiful Michigan Avenue fourteen years ago. 15–14–13.

When I think about the 15 years we have been together, the 14 years since we have been engaged, the 13 years that we have been married, my first thought is Wow! And then more realistically – I think about the many changes and transitions in life and what an experience to choose to share with another human. I think about the many times that I have looked up and he has been right there. I think about how often he has lifted and carried me over life’s hurdles. It crosses my mind the way we have created a safe-haven at home where it all can be said, heard and respected. I am aware of the combination of both he and I in the kids – how the daughter looks and the son acts like him. How our son is fairly candid – similar to his mother. I wonder how some disagreements were brought-up, addressed and resolved – never to be revisited again. 15–14–13.

In the early 90s the debate was Tupac or Biggie (yes I know a little about rap) or the blind taste test between Coke and Pepsi. Ray Charles sang a ditty … You’ve Got the Right One Baby – Uh Huh. I’ve got him! I’ve got the one that will show up when I call, will listen when I talk, will carry me when I can’t walk, will wipe away the tears of stress, exhaustion, and at times confusion.

I know for sure on this day, life is short and tomorrow is not promised, and this life’s journey should only include and incorporate the Right Ones – not the easy ones, but the Right Ones. Those things and people that encourage, protect and push you. Those things that make you smile, laugh, and remember for more than a moment. The Right Ones may be … The Right Friends. The Right Spouse (Significant Other).

The Right Colleagues. The Right Jobs. The Right Shoes.

What’s right for you? Actively seek those things, people, places and events that are Right. How do you know?

When your soul is at peace.  It’s Right!jeremy-and-michelle-4