Reading @ a Football Game! 


So – we have been blessed to have a son who has been identified as “gifted.” He enjoys reading, science, space and all things that live in the ocean – math, no-so-much. Our 5th grader is very sensitive, attentive and a fairly compliant young man with a bit of a competitive side and works to get most things perfect, sometimes adding undue pressure and stress on himself. He is, at his core – compassionate. I did not grow-up with a brother (or a sister for that matter) so I am enjoying watching and learning more about him each day.

Kid-time bedtime on school nights is 9:00 o’clock pm. Every night after the 9 o’clock bedtime hour my favorite son pretends to be sleep while ‘sneaking’ to read a book. On last evening, instead of reading (or possibly in addition to reading) he came into our bedroom to ask where a book about the ocean had gone because he wanted to take it to aftercare. I thought that this was a good opportunity to ask a few questions of my young mister.

This may make better sense if I preface it with, I am a wife, a mother, and a trained research methodologist – asking questions and seeking answers for a living! So, let the discussion begin.

Tons of questions! I asked him about school, in particular math, and how it was going. I asked about aftercare and his opinion of the kids there. I asked about bullying and was he having any difficulties with kids on his bus-ride. I also asked about what he thought about having a sister and how that was going. He answered each with a bit of added drama. Nothing surprising and nothing he couldn’t handle.

My final question … so, what do you want to be when you grow up. He says … well. I was still thinking about becoming a marine biologist, but then there is a giant (some technical term that I don’t know) squid that likes eating humans. This particular squid has been known to rip humans apart. I respond … well that’s pretty graphic. Do we have anything else that we are considering for work? My son replies, without missing a beat, my second option that I was thinking about was to become a pilot. One of two pilots, because you know that the person that drives a submarine is also pilot. Well, I didn’t, but okay. So, he continues to share that he wasn’t sure about a plane pilot because sometimes planes run out of gas or there may be an incident like what happened on 9/11. A couple of more questions from mom. Well, son, how do you know what happened on 9/11 – you weren’t even born. And, are you sure that’s what happened? Mom, not being disrespectful, but I got it from BrainPop and Moby doesn’t lie.

Final mom question … have you thought about being a Pastor of a church – he is sincerely a compassionate young man. So, my son says, mommy, I absolutely cannot consider being a pastor for 3 reasons (three fingers in the air as he lays on his back in our bed with the white t-shirt that is required for good sleeping and tightey-whitey underwear):

  1. The pastor looks like he is hot … he is always wiping his sweaty eyebrows,
  2. I don’t think my voice would hold up … there is a lot of yelling at church, and
  3. The final reason I cannot consider being a Pastor is because I am really worried that I won’t “get a witness”

2016-11-04-06-41-38Needless to say, I fully intend to keep him away from our pastor! I am sure he would have no problems sharing his three concerns.

Can I Get A Witness?