imagesOne of the things that I enjoy, even at the end of an exhausting day, is to read a few pages of a book or look at pictures and captions in a magazine. Some evenings I wind down by surfing the web for articles to stay current with the happenings in higher education -because that is my niche. So, image how pleased I was on last evening when the forces of good and evil aligned and my pleasure of book reading collided with current trends in higher education! It was an unexpected and seismic shift in my galaxy! Completely Rocked my World!

As I am closing in on the final pages of my book I am stressed about the outcome of the trial, worried about the jury and why are we taking the stand – it’s not even necessary, thinking … what if that was me what would I do, why wasn’t I smart enough to connect those dots – I really should have known that was going to happen, I can’t believe her son would do that … especially since it is the end of the book and how do you go through something like this without your mother – why did she have to die. Before I knew it, my hand flies up in the air and I hop out of the bed headed towards the kitchen. My husband asks me … did you finish? I respond, as I am walking out the bedroom door, no. I can’t take it. I just can’t take it. I need a minute – I’m nervous to see what is going to happen next.

At about that same time, I catch the tail-end of a news story that mentions Texas A & M. Well, now I am curious – always curious about colleges and universities, remember that’s my niche. I had to make an unexpected decision. Stop and get details about what was happing at Texas A & M or finish the book. I decided to grab a glass of wine, crawl back into bed and finish my book. I think I needed the wine to calm my nerves while I returned to the courtroom. I left the courtroom, finished my glass of wine, looked at my husband and said … that was unbelievably good. I can’t even describe it – the book honey. Fast asleep.


Well, I missed the full story of Texas A & M on last evening and it was still running on some of the news circuits today. What I saw in passing was a video of a microphone being snatched from a black woman while she was in mid-sentence by a white man. I decided to pull it up on the good ole world wide web, read and watch.

So, here we are, a young man who is a self-proclaimed white nationalist, who is a white supremacist, who is the founder of the alt-right movement, who believes in genetic superiority – has a speaking engagement at Texas A & M (not sponsored by the school).

And, to make all things fair, equal and right with the world, I believe in Unicorns and my 10-year old son still believes in Santa, despite what all of his friends say.

Excuse Me, Please Pass the Microphone; I have something I want to say. I am sure that the vast majority of us, regardless of party affiliation, voting practice and outcome, are pleased that the election for the President of United States has come to a close. It was, as my daughter would say, a de-zausing election for multiple reasons. What we all fully recognize, even though it may not take root and reside in us, is this idea of the “resurgence of racism” post-election is a light-weight excuse. If racism is just returning – post presidential election – I must have missed its original departure. Racism has been, continues to be and will forever be fully present and available in this United States of America; both, subtle and overt. Racism is not a white people thing or a black people thing – it is a people thing.

Ooh, I almost forgot … the book. The galaxy colliding. My world being rocked! Pick up the book titled “small great things” by Jodi Picoult.

unknownRead about Ruth Jefferson – an African American woman who is a Yale educated nurse. Read about Turk Bauer – a Caucasian American man who is a white supremacist. Read about Kennedy McQuarrie – a Caucasian American woman who is a practicing attorney. It is today. It speaks to, for and about racism in the most natural, thought provoking and humbling manner. With the microphone, “small great things” presents this concept of race relations as a real tangible explainable experience. There are no unicorns – Real People. Real Circumstances. Real Outcomes. Real Consequences.

As you prepare for your last day of court with Kennedy, Ruth, Turk, Odette & Judge Thunder, may I suggest a cold glass of your favorite! And, when you are done, ask the person next to you to pass you the mic! I believe you will have something to say!!