So, school is out, which means the kids are happily on summer break! We were in Kohl’s a couple of days ago picking up last minute items for a quick road trip. My son see’s his music teacher from last school year shopping with (heaven forbid) her own children! His eyes got big … his smile even bigger and he stops dead in his tracks. Frozen. No words. Staring. Deer in headlights at midnight. OMG – We have a sighting! A teacher sighting! Say it isn’t so.

She enthusiastically says … “Kyle!!! It is so good to see you!! What you have been up to this summer?” Kyle responds – still in shock and disbelief that she was let out of the music room for the summer – and in the most monotone and non-enthusiastic voice you could imagine … “Nothing.” He says … “I’ve not been doing much at all this summer”

Well, now, mama deer is confused. Standing there with my eyes wide shut! I’m sure Kyle’s teacher thought – boy this family doesn’t talk much, but they sure stare a lot! I politely interrupted the boy genius and asked for clarification of the word – nothing. Kyle, what do you mean nothing, mama deer asked?

2017-06-07 18.43.35 HDRI must have missed the seven hour drive that his dad and I just took to pick him and his sister up in Mississippi from an almost two week stay with the Grands. I thought for sure they went to vacation bible school. Time spent visiting the Grammy Museum. Catching up over meals at favorite restaurants and in grandma’s kitchen making requests; filling their bellies with midnight snacks consisting of cooked Kale, cornbread, black-eyed pea salad and homemade pound cake. I’m pretty sure I saw some type of visit to somewhere that included snakes and turtles. Not to mention some serious shopping!

When he left Mound Bayou, Mississippi, there was a stop right up the street at Bass Pro Shops in Memphis, TN, and he literally spent the night IN Bass Pro Shops.  Not around, by or close to, but IN Bass Pro Shops. There was an extensive tour of store, fish watching, snack purchases and a ride to in the tallest indoor elevator in the country to the top of the pyramid to visit the observation deck. So maybe that is nothing.

Well, let me think. I wonder if swimming lessons every morning count? What about the fun at Decatur’s Nelson Park Swimming Pool? Or, does the weekly guitar lessons at Richland Community College count for something this summer? Let me think a little more about this ‘nothing’ as I unpack a suitcase with a plastic bag filled with dirty clothes. Could the trip to Detroit Opera House to see a first cousin graduate from high school count for something fun this summer. Or maybe even just something?!

Mama deer is really confused by the new definition of ‘nothing’ that my son has offered up. My pocketbook sure feels like it’s something! I’m going to rest my eyes for a few minutes – until pick-up time – all of this nothing has me beat and it’s still June!